End of Season 1

I will be, very soon, completing my first year of college. It’s a very weird feeling. It’s kind of surreal. It’s cool. It’s scary. It’s a lot of things. Let me explain…

First and foremost, I’m at a point in my life where I don’t live anywhere permanently. Those days are over. I don’t technically live at PC because I “pay rent.” Eventually and periodically, I have to move out, and potentially move to another place on campus. But I also don’t technically live at home. I won’t ever permanently stay for an extended period of time at home anymore. I guess I could (my little brother sure would love that). I would love it, too. But the reality is la casa de la familia Short is not my permanent residence anymore. It’s weird. I’m always living out of bags and stuff. I’ll still consistently leave all of my crap in one of the closets, though.

I really am a college athlete. I have been a college athlete since July of 2017. But we have now officially had our season and our off-season. I’ve traveled, and lifted weights, and watched film, and all sorts of other things. I’ve gotten shirts and a book bag and other stuff. I can wear something with PC on it every day for like 3 weeks without wearing the same thing twice. I’m on a roster. I’ve been to countless meetings. I played in all 11 games (granted, all I did was snap for field goals. If you’re unsure what that means, then let me know… and watch some football). I played on TV. I’ve made lifelong friends. I have so much fun. I’ve lost a lot of weight. I have real muscles, believe it or not. My sock tan is absolutely horrendous. It’s such a great experience. But it has been so busy until now with football and other things that I haven’t really thought about it until now. I’m a small percentage of all of the former high school athletes in the country. It’s such a blessing. And such a good time. I would never have thought, even 3 years ago, that I was even capable of this. I’m not even close to being a Division 1 athlete. But God doesn’t use those of us with much– He makes us into much. I mean, have you ever heard of John the Baptist? That dude ate bugs and dressed like his name was Oog and like he lived in a cave somewhere. But no– that man was a prophet.

I have two separate groups of friends who know nothing about each other. This has been the weirdest one. All my life, for the most part, my friends and I could have conversations on first-name recognition. Everyone knew each other. I could just throw out a name or tell a story and my friends understood. It’s still like that, but it’s confined geographically. Here at PC, it’s a certain group. At home, it’s the same thing. But the groups are different. I have to constantly explain people from one group to the other. It’s so weird. I’ve made so many memories with both groups, but these groups have not been a part of the same memories. It shows me how busy I make myself, first and foremost. I’m always going. It also makes me realize how amazing each individual close friend I have is. I don’t have many. But I have good ones (yes, I know this sounds like a Hallmark movie). When I have to explain what one person is like, it makes me really evaluate who they are in order to describe them. And all I’m saying is this: Jesus hooked me up. 

My life looks a lot different than I expected it to. There are at least 3 relationships (I can think of as I type this) I graduated high school with that I don’t have anymore, for various reasons. I was fully convinced that these relationships were built to last. I’ve actually preached once. I’m about 35-40 pounds (depending on whether I’ve cheated that day) lighter than I graduated high school. My older sister is literally married. Gabe is officially written in the Book of Life. Emma has just really spread her little 8th-grade wings and become the queen of our house. My dad has only added to his accolades (and overcome a shattered elbow). And my mother just becomes more and more amazing– her recipes, her blogs, her thoughts, her jokes– every single day I know her.

Things have changed. 

The end of the first season is almost officially here. I guess the season finale will be when I watch some of the best blessings I’ve ever received graduate from PC on May 12th. After that, we gear up for season two. Will there be any special guest appearances on season two?

All I know is this:

Time absolutely flies.

Christian Rap is getting to be an absolutely phenomenal genre.

And God is ever faithful. 

I didn’t throw any Bible verses at you in this one. I think Jesus gives me a pass on that. Thomas told me the other day that maybe I need to shed a little more light on my actual life, rather than my spiritual perspective.

So, I listened. I mean, after all, I’m just a long snapper.

*flips imaginary light switch*


Chase after the Lord and watch the blessings fall.



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