Absolute cash

It’s been a while since I hit this up. My apologies to all 7 of my readers out there.

Dude, my break from school has been nothing short of not a break. I have been on the grind. But not the grind that sucks or something.

Right now, my life is absolute cash.

Let me just share what’s been going on.

First off, I copped a summer job. I’m helping a local company cut grass. It’s honestly pretty sweet. I’m making decent money, the job is fast-paced, the boss man is super cool, and my co-workers are solid. I tote a weed-eater 8 hours per day for a few days every week and kill some sunflowers seeds. It’s a great time.

I have officially lost almost 45 pound since January. I’ve been doing this “keto” diet where you try and eat the smallest amount of carbs possible on a daily basis. I went from overweight high school athlete to relatively overweight, kinda lean, college athlete. I actually look like I belong on the roster at PC– sort of. My knees feel great. My sleep is much better. I can wear khakis comfortably. I’m back in an XL shirt. Ball is life.

Listen, for fear of embarrassing someone near and dear to me, let me just highlight the best development of the summer: I met this girl. And she is nothing short of incredible. More on that to come… #SydSzn

My family is vibin’. Everything is going according to plan. Gabe is hilarious. Emma is beautiful. Molly is balling. Mom is my hero. And dad is a legend.

I got to see my favorite Bluehose graduate on May 12th. It was very bittersweet. I hate so badly that they’ll be gone next year. They’re all so irreplaceable. But every single one of them is doing amazing things. Hayden is going to be a doctor. Thomas is headed off to make his way to the pulpit, like I will one day. Brook is getting her Master’s. Frankie is going to coach/teach/change the world/kick life in the face. And Joe Kelly is going to be working for UPS in their ATL headquarters doing some analytical accounting stuff– a fairly prestigious job, I hear. I couldn’t be more proud of them. #GoHose

My friends from home are all doing so well for themselves. Every single one of them has a job and goals and everything. I don’t know what to say other than I’m beyond proud of them. And I love them dearly. Luke still can’t see all colors, though, so… that sucks.

Listen, Christian Rap is stepping it up, dog. So much music has come out recently. And there are two big albums set to release in the next month or so. It’s quite the time to be alive. I’m such a dork about it, but CHH is great.

I’m truly so fulfilled as I write this. God has really shown me who He is through all of the last few weeks. I finished the semester off with this strange pit in my stomach, with a weird feeling of being on an island. I still cannot figure out what caused it, other than the Devil’s bull crap on this sin-stained planet. But I recognize now that I’m right in God’s hands. We never, ever thank God for enough. And it seems basic for me to be highlighting the blessings. But I’ve been shown what grace is. I suck at extending grace, and so far, God is showing me how to do it this summer.

So let me share 4 quick things– sorta unrelated.

  1. God is a God of power. Don’t ever dare Him to answer prayers. He always does and always will.
  2. Life is much to valuable to spend it uselessly.
  3. Jesus is the only one who validates my worth– the only one
  4. Coffee is the nectar of the gods.


What a great day to be alive. What a great day to be a Bluehose. What a great day to kick life in the throat. And what a great day to be a full-fledged Child of God.

Chase after the lord and watch the blessings fall.

Oh, and communism sucks.


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