Dang, I suck at this whole bloggin’ thing. Once again, my apologies to the 8 people that read my blog. I know you’ve been waiting with painful anticipation.

I have a lot of hobbies. I’m not bad at any of them, but I’m also not good at any of them. Some people are good at one thing or two. I’m average at like 8 things.

I play disc golf a lot. I started playing when I was in the 7th grade. It’s like real golf, but you play with special frisbees, and you throw into this big metal basket thing. One of the reasons I really got into disc golf was because I was horrible at it for a couple years. I kept wanting to get better and better. I’m not great now, but I can play well enough to have fun on just about any course. I love playing.

I like to fish– bass fish. I’ve got a few nice rods, all of this tackle, and an actual fishing kayak. I don’t really have any phenomenal public water around where I live. The fishing is very hit or miss. But I like to go as often as I can. It’s pretty therapeutic. It’s very active. I love being outside. I can usually catch some decent fish here and here. I’m no Mike Iaconelli, but I’m also not incompetent, either. It’s a good time.

I mess around on Garageband, and I make hip-hop instrumentals. I only have like 3 I would ever share with anyone. I’m not good at creating melodies. But my background in drums helps me with the creation of solid beats. I like to do it in my free time. I like rap music a lot. I have for a long time. For a while, I had this pipe dream that I could make it one day as a music producer. Needless to say, that ship has sailed. But I do enjoy “making music”– if that’s what you would call it.

I play drums. It’s literally my only natural talent. I cannot do anything else naturally but play drums. I got a kit when I was in 6th grade, I started playing in church in 8th grade, and I’ve been vibin’ ever since. I absolutely love playing drums. It’s so fun, so loud, and so natural for me. I feel like that’s where I belong.

I take care of this little (semi) blondie from Ashe County, NC. It’s my newest hobby. It’s my favorite hobby. She’s literally phenomenal. I don’t want to embarrass her by raving about her because I could for paragraphs. Point blank– she’s incredible.

I write this blog, though not as often as I used to anymore. I really like doing it. I don’t know if any of you like it, but I don’t worry about that. It’s a good outlet for my thoughts. I never liked writing, but I do like talking. This is a compromise. I need to get on the ball, though, and write more of them. #Whoops

I guess football is a hobby. I just do it a lot more now than I used to. It’s more like a commitment now. Don’t get me wrong– I love playing college football. But you can always be pretty flexible with hobbies. Football is about as much of an immovable force as you can think of. But, hey…  #GoHose.

I have a few other small ones. It’s mostly weird stuff because I’m strange. But I had this thought recently that was very, very convicting. I have so many things going on, including a job, church, family, friends, and girlfriend, that I legitimately have to plan out most of my life. I don’t really stress about it, but I’m super busy a lot.

But I have done a very poor job of maintaining spiritual growth since I’ve been home from school.

I realized that this past weekend. It’s not that I’ve neglected Christ. I have been doing my things. Praying. Reading. Studying. But I have not been sinking as much time into it as I should have been.

It’s not a hobby for me.

I spent 2 hours playing disc golf Saturday, but about 18 minutes reading some things in 1 Samuel. I went fishing 3 times in a week, but not once did I read any of the Psalms. I bought some crank baits, but I haven’t pulled out my tithe yet. “Well, Cooper, following Christ is not a hobby– it’s a full-time commitment.” That’s exactly my point. I have not been allowing myself to prioritize Christ. I fit Him into my day. I don’t spend quality time with Jesus– not like I have been doing until now. And I feel it. I lack that real joy some moments. I feel a little bit weird not doing any of it.

In 1 Samuel, and the whole Bible for that matter, we see God getting upset with people consistently because they lack prioritization of Christ. I don’t want that to be me. I would be so embarrassed to have Christ call me out for that.

Life is busy and crazy and annoying and unpredictable and (right now) hot because NC is finally deciding to act like what season it is… shocker. But Jesus is nothing short of the Almighty. I’m an unholy man in reverence of the Holy God. I need to get my crap together.

So, my challenge to 99.9% me and 0.1% you:

Don’t fit Christ into your day. Fit your day into Christ. 


Clever, isn’t it? Dang, I should be a preacher one day… oh, wait.

Remember, communism sucks.

Chase after the Lord and watch the blessings fall.



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