When you know, you know

LeBron and the Cavs stood literally zero chance agains the Warriors in the Finals. “Yeah, well, if they would have won Game 1, it would have been a different story.” Yeah, it would have taken the Warriors 5 or 6 games to smash the Cavs instead of 4. I like LeBron. I don’t like LeBron’s chances agains the Warriors when his best teammate is literally Kevin Love (who probably just suffered another injury as I typed this). Sure, they might could have won. But I didn’t ever think they would.

When you know, you know. 

My sister married this dude we call “Matt” back in December. They have kinda had a thing for a long time, so when they started dating, I couldn’t see any reason why they weren’t soul mates. Matt seemed like such a natural part of our future family. I take full credit for calling the eventual marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hoppes. I didn’t anticipate his mustache, though (Side note: the first time I ever met Matt, he beat me in a 1-on-1 basketball game… 11-1).

When you know, you know. 

I’m currently sitting in God’s hands. The last year of my life has not gone at all like I had planned it out in my head before it happened. I think just about every major event was unpredicted. I played college football– like actually played. I’m totally shocked by that. I lost a ton of weight. My grandmother finally got called home to Heaven. I’ve gotten to preach once, and will get to do so again in July. I’m wearing pants on the regular (which is not to say I am pantsless a lot… I just used to always wear shorts). I met some amazing people at PC. I lost some relationships with people I thought were cemented. I gained some relationships with people I never thought I would have. I got a new hair cut. I caught my first fish on a topwater frog. I made the Channel 9 news. I’ve done so many things. I’ve experienced so many things– some good, some bad, some hurtful, some happy, some neutral. God was inside of all of them. I feel the immense joy of having someone call your shots for you. My life is exactly where it needs to be. God has His hands on me. That’s a guarantee.

When you know, you know.

I’ve struggled this last year at college with a sense of loneliness. This loneliness stems from two things. The first thing is the fact that I’ve been set apart. I know I have to be a pastor one day, so I feel a deep conviction and desire to be the exact antithesis of the world. The only problem with this is that literally no one identifies with this experience (except for my boy, Thomas Broom). I never feel the desire to “fit in.” But everyone on Earth feels the desire to matter to people. That’s how God created us. College does not care about your feelings. The only real way to get people to invest in you in college is to be like them. Unfortunately for me, this means I have to go against what I’ve been asked to be. I can’t do that. It’s embarrassing, and I can’t fight my convictions. So I don’t. I ride solo. And people let me. But I wouldn’t call that a cake walk. It’s exhausting to maintain that witness because I can’t do it perfectly. But I tried harder than I ever have to be holy. And that isolates a person. Don’t misunderstand me– I wasn’t alone. Alone means no one is around. I have tons of relationships. But I was almost always by myself. I have to keep my guard up and maintain my witness constantly. That’s a very hard thing to do because I sin all the time. And it feels like I do the things I do totally by myself. Team sports are team sports for a reason. Authentic Christianity functioning like an individual sport sucks. Period.

The second reason it came about was because I let my guard down, and Satan got on to me. Satan tried to make me old Cooper. I’ve become a very different person since I started college in the sense I’ve grown much closer to the Lord, much more mature in my faith, much more confident in my call to ministry, much more of a nerd, but also much more aware of Satan’s suggestions. Old Cooper sucks. And I had relapses. I tried to revive a relationship that was unhealthy, resulting in a lot of pain and confusion and spiritual stagnation (again) for both parties involved. Old Cooper strikes again. I got really negative about some things regarding my odds at finding solid friends. Old Cooper strikes again. I got in and out of my Bible habits a few times. Old Cooper strikes again. I ate total crap food like all first semester. Old Cooper strikes again. And Satan loved Old Cooper because he could make me act out of character and slip up in my sin.

Some people reading this are victims of what I used to be. To you, since you know exactly who you are– I’m sorry. I didn’t reflect Christ for you and around you. And that’s something I’ll have to answer for one day. Some people are victims of what I am now. It’s not that much better– I’m pretty ridiculous. To you, since you also know exactly who you are– I’m sorry, but I’m actually not going to change. I like Oregon (for some odd reason), and mayonnaise is still nasty. But I’m not the kid that graduated from Kings Mountain High School a year ago. I’ve acted like him a few times, but he never stuck around, because he sucks. Looking back on the last year of my life, I can see that change. I can see that transition. I still suck, but sometimes now, I suck a little less at things. Jesus Christ has got me acting brand new. I’m different, for certain. I can feel it in my enormous ears. I’m brand freaking new, and I finally came to grips with that this last year.

When you know, you know. 

Let me roll of some facts for you real quick:

The Cleveland Browns are the worst team in the NFL. Red-headed people have souls, actually. 2 + 2 = 4. Apples are not peaches. Donald Trump’s hair is dyed blonde.

Now, let me roll off some more relevant facts:

Sin makes me unworthy of salvation (Romans 3:23/6:23).

Jesus Christ died for me to fix that (Romans 5:8).

I chose Him as my official team captain forever (John 3:16).

He has shown me my real self and helped me to embrace His design for me (Romans 12:2/Galatians 2:20.)

And because Jesus gave me a free shot, I’m brand new (2 Corinthians 5:17-21).

I’ve been a Bible Thumper for a long time. But I’ve really decided to run after that label with fervor over the last year. And for that, my hope is secure, my loneliness is gone, my family is incredible, my stomach is a little flatter (just a little), my love life is poppin’, my purpose is evident, my heart is heavy, and my future is certain.

Everything is exactly how it is supposed to be.

When you know, you know.

And trust me… I know. 

Oh, and check out the song “Get Back Right” by Lecrae. New album out Friday.



6 thoughts on “When you know, you know

  1. I liked the old Cooper because he was starting to become the new Cooper when I got to know him. The new Cooper is experiencing life and chasing Jesus full-on; stick with the New Cooper!!! (now, I need to work on that flatter stomach thing too…)


  2. Cooper my Christian brother, you are wise beyond your years! Jill and I are proud of you! We love you and will continue to pray for you and your ministry.


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