I went and played disc golf today.

Now, I went by myself, which sounds kind of lonely, but I actually rather enjoyed it.

For those of you new to the subject, disc golf is like regular golf, but it’s played with frisbees. And, instead of throwing into a hole, you throw your discs into this big metal basket thing with chains on it (see above). The chains catch the disc. There are different discs for different things, like clubs– drivers, fairway drivers, midranges, and putters. Anyway, I went and played today. I’m only kind of good. I can play well enough to have fun and stuff, but I’m not really that great. It’s just one of the 19 hobbies I have. No big deal.

It’s very fun, though. I’ve always found it to be fun because I’ve always found it to be challenging. Disc golf is pretty hard to get good at and figure out without playing a lot. I like to see personal improvement. It’s fun to get new discs and learn new throws and stuff. And it gets me outside in nature– getting eaten by mosquitoes, attacked by fire ants, and gaining some amazing tan lines.

The most satisfying thing in disc golf is sinking a long putt— I’m talking like 40-50 feet-long. It’s awesome to wind up for it and throw and hear that Ching! noise the chains make when you ring the basket. It’s very much akin to the sound a net makes when you swish a basketball or the sound a baseball bat makes when it cracks a baseball. It’s something you like to hear because it means you don’t suck as bad— this time, at least– as maybe you thought you did.

It means you hit what you were aiming for.

In college, there are a lot of people around me just kind of playing the game. I’ve never had experience with partying. I’ve never been around alcohol and drugs and things. That’s something that has been paramount, for me personally, to try and avoid. And seeing what some of these people look like after they party makes me wonder what basket they’re aiming at. If it’s the basket that reads, “Look like/Feel like/Smell like total crap,” I would say they sank that putt from deep.

In college, there is plenty of opportunity to skirt spiritual responsibility. The amount of us claiming to be Christians versus the amount of us acting like Christians is staggeringly uneven. That’s a problem. There is an incredible lack of accountability and/or responsibility being bread in the Church, and that is bleeding into our colleges and universities. Matthew 10 lays out very clearly what being a Christian means– or, more importantly, what it costs. It doesn’t mean whatever the heck is going on amongst my peers. I don’t know what basket we’re going for. If it’s the basket that reads, “Let’s be different 1/7 days of the week,” then there are a lot of Christians— myself included in my sinful nature— who are nailing this putt every time they get to it.

In college, there are copious amounts of baskets. There is the “Good grades” basket. It has a fair amount of discs in it, with another solid amount on the ground around it— from misses. There is the “Live life to the fullest” basket. I would dare to say we have 95% of our campus nailing this basket from every distance. You can use your imagination, however, on what the average college student’s version of “the fullest” means. There is the “Prepare for your future” basket. Half of the people around me are hitting this one. Half of them don’t even know how to throw at it. That’s understandable, I guess. There is always, however, the “Come, Follow Me” basket. This basket is awkwardly empty. A couple people have hit this putt from deep. A vast majority have never even thrown their putter. A large percentage of that number haven’t even taken their putter out of the bag for this shot. Most people don’t even know where this basket is.

Christ calls those of us who know the truth and have been set free by it (John 8:32) to be lights in the big dark box (Matthew 28:19-20). Christ tells us, though, what that will be like for us (Matthew 10:26-39). But we know that He will equip us to do His work (Psalm 18:39/Psalm 14:5/Philippians 4:13). There are too many lost people in this world for us to accurately say we are trying to reach them. There are so many baskets, but we aren’t ringing any of them. That isn’t what we– including me— are asked to do.


The Bible is full of truth. The Church is full of people. The world is full of opportunities to point people to the truth. The disc golf course of life has an endless number of holes and fairways and baskets. There is one basket, however, we must all aim for.


So, let’s throw at it.




Solar power works best because the Son never stops shining.

What a bar.





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