So, I’m switching things up a bit.

I decided fairly recently that I would be starting a podcast. This podcast is entitled Caffeinated Chrisitianity. In order to stay consistent with the theme of coffee, Christ, and random information, I will be merging the blog and podcast into the same thing. My blog is a bunch of stories about the world around me and how I see Christ in it. The podcast will focus mainly on topical discussion— culture, faith, theology, life, etc. It will be more concise.

Think of it like this…

My blog is like Sunday school— stories, relationships, meaningful little blurbs, etc.

My podcast is like the service— one-sided, informational.

My spiritual life is consistently burdened with the need to tell others what I’m going through. My blog is an outlet for cool things I experience. The podcast will be an outlet for cool information, opinions on faith, topical discussion, etc.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, then just give it a few weeks and you will see what I mean. Maybe, you will like it. Maybe, you will hate it. We will see.


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Let’s get fired up.

It’s Blog and Podcast Szn. 



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