Christian Rap Review: Ty Brasel’s “Destined for Greatness”

I realized the other day that I talk about Christian rap music all the time without giving any real, solid information on it. Over the course of the next few weeks, I'm going to be posting some different album reviews of what my favorite albums are of all-time. Today, we start with the fantastic album Destined … Continue reading Christian Rap Review: Ty Brasel’s “Destined for Greatness”

Coffee With Friends #1: JC Younger

Welcome to the first episode of "Coffee with Friends." CWF is an interview special where we're going to talking to different believers about their lives, their roles, and their worldview in their various circles and arenas. On this episode, we're talking to one of my friends from school, JC Younger, about being a Christian athlete. … Continue reading Coffee With Friends #1: JC Younger