Christian Rap Review: Parris Chariz’s “In My Weakness”

We’re back on the reviewing thing with another of my favorite artists and albums.

Today, I’m talking about In My Weakness by Parris Chariz. This album came out on October 5, 2018. And I’ve been bumping it ever since. I actually didn’t really know who 239B046E-D14B-4946-A965-D9B28242EA8BParris Chariz was until I ran into his collaboration EP Super Splash Bros. Jarry Manna (note: the song “Joe Budden” off of that EP is heat.) I listened to that EP, and I realized that I was a huge fan of Parris Chariz. From there, I just scouted out his other released music. I’ve got everything the guy has made in my library (S/O Apple Music). He doesn’t have a ton– two albums (apart from the one I’m reviewing) and several singles. But when I tell you this guy is talented… he’s talented.

Parris Chariz has an interesting sound. He’s straight rap. There are a few melodies here and there, but there’s no real singing to speak of. If I could compare his delivery to someone, I would say he reminds me of Kanye West. Parris doesn’t run his words together. He’s articulate. He’s crafty. And he raps to his instrumentals, meaning, his syllables and emphases really mesh with what he’s rapping on. In terms of a sub-genre, I don’t know what to call him. It’s a good blend of several sounds. His delivery is crisp. And his lyrics are clever. He’s got some iconic lines that I really like. And he has a really good subtle way of putting Christ in his music and doing so with real style. The number one complaint I always hear about Christian rap music is that it’s corny. Parris Chariz is far from corny.

The album, In My Weakness, is a real sampler of what Chariz has to offer. There are a img_2153good set of bangers. “Static Shock” and “Static Shock (reprise)” are both really good and, despite the titles, very different from one another. “Young $lick” is probably the hardest song on the album. He released it as a single, but it’s just a solid track. It’s got a really clean instrumental. He dabbles in a Gunna/Travis Scott type of track with his song “Sleep @ Night.” There are also some smoother, softer songs. “Lately” is a solid track about relationships and one of the only songs I’ve ever heard Parris (kind of) sing– the other being “Big Mad.” Perhaps the most impressive song is the song “Grace.” This song is effectively his own testimony in a song. I can’t even do it justice by describing it. You will just have to listen to it.

Something very interesting about the album is its broad scope of content. He’s got a song on the power and influence of money– “Big Rank.” There is a track about his finding himself as a Believer– “Sleep @ Night.” He deals with past relationships like I’ve mentioned already– “Lately,” and “Dip Sauce.” There is the light-hearted “to all my haters” track– “Whatchu Say?.” And there is also a song about his childhood and his journey through the hard times– “American Pie.”

Overall, the album is just excellent. There’s not a song I don’t like on the whole album. It’s got some songs that really bump. It’s got some songs that really make you think. If Parris Chariz continues to make music like this, I will most assuredly continue to be a fan of his. He’s a really talented artist. He writes real lyrics. He’s got great production. He’s got great variety in his songs. I’m just a fan. This is one of my favorite albums of all-time. It’s easily in the top 5. And just something kind of cool: Parris has a ton of rap aliases. He goes by Parris Chariz, but he’s also called himself Young $lick, Durag P, Wave Jones on the Payphone, Wave Chapelle, Master P… and I’ve got to be missing some.

If you wanna check this album out on Apple Music, or Spotify, then do it now before you make the mistake of trying someone else way less talented. And just to give you some juice, here’s one of the tracks on the album:


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