Biblical Creation vs. Evolution

I find the topic of evolution and creation to be a big topic that I come across whether in my biology class or psychology class or even just among people in conversation. Most of my ideas below are from well known pastors, one of my professors and of course the Bible itself.

I believe that evolution is a crisis today that many people fall into. Many are taught evolution in public schools as scientific fact and they believe it.

However, science revolves around the scientific method.

Scientific Method:

  1. Make a observation or question
  2. Form a hypothesis (an idea that must state initial conditions and observation)
  3. Perform an experiment (must involve initial conditions, be measurable, and repeatable)
  4. Hypothesis becomes a theory (an idea with data backing it)
  5. Publish findings with peers
  6. Theory becomes a law (still an idea with centuries of data backing it)

The problem with evolution is that it does not and cannot follow the scientific method. It cannot be a theory because the initial conditions cannot be tested. History cannot be repeated and therefore replication of the experiment is impossible to complete. The assumptions placed on initial conditions are all based on world views. This means that evolution is necessarily a religion, not science.

Evolution nullifies the gospel.

If evolution were true, the gospel becomes meaningless because sin is not the cause of death. Therefore, the wages of sin are not death. Which means that the death of Jesus Christ does not pay are infinite debt. Ultimately meaning that Christ’s death was meaningless.

If evolution were true, the gospel becomes meaningless because God would be a liar. God claims to be the creator of all and if evolution is true then God must be a liar.

If evolution were true, the gospel becomes meaningless because sin would be a meaningless social contract. So, we aren’t really sinners in desperate need of a savior.

If evolution were true, the gospel would be meaningless because Adam didn’t really exist. Meaning we aren’t really his descendants and didn’t inherit sin from him. So, once again, we aren’t sinners in desperate need of a savior.

Overall, you cannot have evolution and the gospel. If you have both then you have biblical creation and compromise.

Man wants to be God. We come up with the most absurd ideas to explain the creation of the universe. Ideas like the big bang theory, the gap theory, steady state theory, pulsating theory, and many more. Most of these ideas contradict itself, science, history, etc. However, scripture never contradicts itself and it tells us in the first sentence how the universe came into being.

Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” This verse alone says so much, it’s the first proclamation of the Bible. The word “beginning” means that there was a time the universe did not exist, breaking the idea that the world is eternal.

So how did everything come into being?

Simply, there must be an outside force. Nothing has never formed into something likewise something has never formed into nothing. Therefore, nothing formed nothing, and something formed something. That outside force & something can only be God.

God is the author of everything that is, was, and will be. God created the sun, moon, stars, planets and humankind.

God created the universe.

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