The Monday Morning Brew: January, 11, 2021

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You know, something we have always struggled with over here at Caffeinated Christianity is consistency. Will we ever break the curse? I hardly believe so. But something we are going to attempt to do is push a little wisdom and encouragement into your week, every week, as long as we can. 2020 was garbage, and 2021 feels weird already, but it doesn’t have to. We serve a God who is able, and He’s not done with us yet. Not even close. So, beginning today, we’re going to be diving into the Monday Morning Brew.

On the Monday Morning Brew, we are going to start your week with a note of encouragement. Something quick every week that will remind you that coffee is good, and God is great. It may be a video. It may be a story. It may be a Bible verse. It may be a crossword puzzle… but probably not, actually. We want to offer you something the world isn’t— hope.

On this fine Monday, we just have a quick recommendation. Check out the song “Grace Alone” by the Modern Post. And listen to the words. It’s a great worship song with some very robust lyrics. Give it a listen here:

Rendezvous with us every Monday Morning to catch a little glimpse of what the Gospel has to offer. As the founder of this brand, I really like things that are memorable and pithy. Christ’s life-changing sacrifice on the cross is both memorable and pithy. It’s memorable because it can’t possibly be forgotten. It’s pithy because with three words in English, one in Greek, He came full circle being the atonement for sins…

It is finished.

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