About @CShort_116


What’s going on? If you are new to this and new to me, let me go ahead and give you a solid introduction of the self-assessed mastermind behind the words on this site. My name is Cooper Short (which I normally say, “Short, like not tall”). I’m the average, 20-year-old, middle-class, slightly overweight collegiate athlete. I’m a long snapper for Presbyterian College. If you don’t know what long snapping is, then click on this. I’ve got a basketball team of a family. There’s my mom, dad, Molly (23), me, Emma (15), and Gabe (12)– The Shorties… then there’s Matt, by bro-in-law.

I pull for the Oregon Ducks. I am a junkie for Christian rap music. My family is big. My opinions are strong. My home town is small.  My addiction to coffee is unhealthy. My ears are huge. And my favorite color is orange. Hopefully, I’m one of the 28 websites North Koreans have access to.

With the blog I write and podcasts I create, I aim to share what God is doing in my life. God has called me to full-time ministry. You will read about that at some point. And I have such an intense desire to share Him and what He’s doing with the world I live in, unofficially, as I take this journey to the pulpit. It really is a collection of stories and things like that. The podcast, however, is more topical. There will be discussions on life, theology, practical Christianity, relationships, culture, etc. It’s a little more focused.

In Matthew, Jesus says, “And if anyone does not pick up his cross and follow after me, he is not worthy of me.” This, along with raging cynicism, strained visuals, stout opinion, and recurring vocabulary, characterizes this entire brand. The Lord has done and is doing so many things in my life. I don’t have the qualification to tell anyone anything. I’m merely a college kid trying to find an outlet for my thoughts.

To clarify, here at CC, we (as in Jesus and I) believe in the inerrancy and authority of Scripture– the Holy Word of God. I believe that Jesus Christ came to Earth, lived the perfect life I couldn’t live, died the death I deserved and defeated the power of sin once and for all. Recognizing my inability to save myself, repenting of my sins, believing in and on this covenant, publicly professing my inequity and desire to follow Him, and engaging in His process of growth into His likeness, I have been redeemed and saved from eternal Hell and condemnation. All of the views and opinions, though intended to be from God’s Word and remain as true to the Biblical truth as possible, are ultimately my responsibility.

I’ve seen the Lord— the same? I’ll never be.


— Cooper Short


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feedback? Complaints? Lawsuits? Hit me up at caffchrist@gmail.com.