Coffee With Friends #8: Gavin James

On this installment of Coffee With Friends, for one, there is actually coffee being consumed during the recording. That's probably a first. I got to sit down and talk to a teammate and friend of mine, Gavin James, about something very unique-- metal music. We talked about metal culture, Gavin's own metal band, and more. … Continue reading Coffee With Friends #8: Gavin James

Coffee With Friends #4: Jeff Johnson

Welcome back to another episode of "Coffee With Friends." On this installment, we are talking to Jeff Johnson. Jeff is the missions pastor at First Baptist Church Kings Mountain in Kings Mountain, NC. He's also a former Floridian and frisbee junkie. I got to interview Jeff about what missions are, what their role is in … Continue reading Coffee With Friends #4: Jeff Johnson

Coffee With Friends #1: JC Younger

Welcome to the first episode of "Coffee with Friends." CWF is an interview special where we're going to talking to different believers about their lives, their roles, and their worldview in their various circles and arenas. On this episode, we're talking to one of my friends from school, JC Younger, about being a Christian athlete. … Continue reading Coffee With Friends #1: JC Younger