Sermon — Let’s be honest… — 1 John 1:5-10 Here is a sermon I gave as part of a series on 1 John. At the time of this posting, I am serving as pulpit supply for Bethel Baptist Church in Laurens, SC. This series is my first sermon series ever. All feedback is welcome as I am learning the ropes of this whole … Continue reading Sermon — Let’s be honest… — 1 John 1:5-10

Ep. 40: The Story of Us — Expectation

We're back. We started a Story in September. Due to some technical difficulties, we are still en route to finishing that story. Please extend some grace for our absence. The Bible is one big, interwoven story of redemption that Christ created for humanity. This is the story of us as people-- not just historical people. … Continue reading Ep. 40: The Story of Us — Expectation

Coffee With Friends #8: Gavin James

On this installment of Coffee With Friends, for one, there is actually coffee being consumed during the recording. That's probably a first. I got to sit down and talk to a teammate and friend of mine, Gavin James, about something very unique-- metal music. We talked about metal culture, Gavin's own metal band, and more. … Continue reading Coffee With Friends #8: Gavin James