CCP Episode 9: Jesus Pt. 5 — Practical Jesus

So, we've established a lot of things. We've talked about the Bible and why it's accurate. We've talked about the Jesus of history and the Jesus of prophecy. Who, then, is the Jesus of reality? If we were there with Him, what would we notice? What would we see? Well, let's talk about it. || … Continue reading CCP Episode 9: Jesus Pt. 5 — Practical Jesus

CCP Ep. 7: Jesus Pt. 3 — Historical Jesus

On this episode of Caffeinated Christianity, we are going to be talking about the Historical Jesus. Was Jesus a real person, or simply a figment of someone's imagination?  Check us out at! Sources used:  

CC Podcast Episode 6: Jesus Pt. 2 — The Preface

If we are going to talk about Jesus, we have to use the Bible. If we are going to use the Bible, how do we know if it's credible? Let's talk about that. Episode 6 Download  Sources on the Canon: Source read from on Resurrection: