Ep. 27: Which Bible Do You Read? – NKJV, RV, NIrV, MSG, & ICB

We're rounding out the series on Bible translations! Come spend some brain cells with me while we address the New King James, Reina Valera, New International Reader's Version, Message, and International Children's Bible! It's a nerdy time! || Sources used: thomasnelsonbibles.org, tommynelson.org, thenivbible.com, messagebible.com, and biblegateway.com ||  

Ep. 25: Which Bible do you read? – NIV & KJV

Starting this week, we are going to be doing a few episodes on the top 10 best-selling Bible translations. There is going to be a breakdown of each translation and its history. On this episode, we are doing an introduction. Then, we will get to the top 2 sellers of 2019: the NIV and KJV. … Continue reading Ep. 25: Which Bible do you read? – NIV & KJV