Maiden Voyage

So, lowkey, I’ve actually been sitting on this blog since, like, November.

I have been going back and forth, writing and rewriting, editing and re-editing.

I have had a few reservations about starting it. Here they are:

  1. Does anyone give a flying flip about my (very conservative) opinion? I would probably say no.
  2. Am I going to look like a basic college kid by becoming a blogger? Probably.
  3. Do I have the mental capacity to be organized enough to make this blog worth reading? That’s a coin flip.
  4. How many people on Earth want a blog about the things I like? Let me guess and say, “a few.”
  5. Am I even a good writer? Really? I have no idea.
  6. Do the things I want to write about actually seem interesting? Time will tell, won’t it?

It’s kind of an intimidating thing. My mom blogs, but she is a genius, has a Master’s in something having to do with English (literacy? maybe? Sorry, Ma…), and she’s, like, super creative– not me. I think, very much, ‘inside the box.’ My mom’s blog is hilarious, and has a point. She writes about our family.

Also, how many other people have a blog that I personally know? Like 20. I don’t want anyone to think I’m attempting to steal their thunder.

I tend to write exactly like I talk, which can be confusing for some people.


This blog is honestly just an outlet for me to talk to somebody. I can’t process things if I don’t say them out loud to someone. College is different. I have much more alone time than I used to have. So, I guess I’m treating WordPress like a buddy. Or you who is reading this. I don’t know.

I have these unique experiences with Jesus and other people, and what I tend to do is analyze them heavily. This heavy analyzation lends itself to deep thought and my pulling these big ideas out of stuff. If anything that happens to me can be beneficial to someone who hears about it, or helps advance the Kingdom of Heaven, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t shoot my shot and give this a go.

This is the first post of Blog Szn.

You’re an active role in very obscure and very localized personal history. Textbook worthy? I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Chase after the Lord and watch the blessings fall.





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